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Industry Solution

Smart Solutions for Wi-Fi Pro Locks
Integrated with smart capabilities such as Wi-Fi smart modules, the cloud, and apps, the solutions, based on an online development platform, enable manufacturers of conventional mechanical locks and standalone electronic locks to upgrade their products at high efficiency and low costs. Diversified intelligent functions are offered, such as keyless unlocking, unlocking record query, temporary password sharing, exception alarms, and scenario.
Smart unlock
Temporary unlock
Home Automation
Real-time photo capture
Security protection
Smart unlock
An awkward moment in our daily life is when we forget the keys. With a Wi-Fi Pro smart lock, we will have no worries. The solutions support various unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, access card, face recognition, and finger vein recognition.
Solution Benefits
Popular solution
Wi-Fi lock solution is one of the most popular solutions in the residential market. Users do not need to buy a gateway and it is easy to operate with powerful features.
Cost effectiveness
Manufacturers can save the R&D costs of at least RMB 500,000/year after adopting this solution, helping them complete the smart upgrade of their products at low costs.
High efficiency
The smart upgrade operation can be completed within seven days, and mass production can start within one month.
Zero-threshold development
Tuya provides full-process technical support for mechanical lock manufacturers, electronic lock manufacturers, and cross-industry stakeholders.
Diversified VASs
Diversified value-added service (VASs) are available, including SMS notification, voice alarm push, camera lock solution, and cloud photo storage.
Full-process services
As an ecosystem co-builder, Tuya provides manufacturers with end-to-end services covering products, technologies, brands, marketing plans, and channels.