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Industry Solution

Solutions for Lights
These solutions are suitable for upgrading traditional LED lights, including A-series light bulbs, PAR lights, spotlights, and candle lamps.We provide no-code SoC solutions that use the Wi-Fi & BLE protocols to support rapid development of smart lighting products. They enable no-code integration with 1 to 5 ways lighting products for single-light, group-light, and scenario-based control. Support multiple control methods, including mobile phone LAN, Bluetooth control, remote controls, as well as linkage with contact sensors and PIR motion sensors. The products apply to various smart lighting scenarios at home, small commercial spaces, and office buildings.
Living room lighting
The solutions offer the movie and music modes for lighting in the living room, where the family spends the most time together and holds parties, gatherings, and other important daily activities, bringing you a different experience.
Dining room lighting
The smart lighting solutions can make your dining room chandelier shine in various colors and light your meals, making your dining a colorful and enjoyable moment.
Bedroom lighting
The night mode of the smart ceiling light is particularly suitable for use in the bedroom to make it cozy and relaxing. The solutions also support standalone nightlights with ultra-low brightness, which are easy to use at night and will not disturb your sleep. The sleep and wake-up modes developed based on photobiology can help you fall asleep quickly and gently wake you up.
Solution Benefits
Quick Bluetooth pairing
The product can be used without a gateway, as it can be paired quickly through Bluetooth auto-scanning, resolving the issue of pairing failure with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz hybrid routers.
Multi-link connection
LAN links are prioritized with milliseconds response. In case of internet disconnection, device connection is ensured through local Bluetooth network.
Multiple control methods
Multiple control methods such as mobile app, remote control, and voice control are available for different application scenarios, making control easier.
App Panel Available Without Coding
Tuya Smart/Smart Life app panels can be ready online in 10 minutes to meet requirements for rapid development and use.