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Industry Solution

Solutions for Lights
These solutions are suitable for upgrading traditional LED lights, including A-series light bulbs, PAR lamps, spotlights, and candle lamps. We offer no-code SoC solutions that use Bluetooth SIG's mesh networking protocol to support rapid development of smart lighting products. They enable no-code integration with 1 to 5 ways lighting products for single-light, group-light, and scenario-based control. Multiple control methods are available, including local control on mobile app without a gateway, remote control via a gateway, remote controls, and smart linkage with contact sensors and PIR motion sensors. The products apply to various smart lighting scenarios at home, commercial spaces, and office buildings.
Home lighting
The solutions work without occupying many Wi-Fi resources. Support one-tap to save and control scenarios. Easily link with contact sensors and PIR motion sensors (requiring a gateway). The devices can be relayed and routed to one another so that the Bluetooth signals can reach every corner of your home.
Outdoor garden lighting
The Bluetooth SIG mesh solutions are also well suited for control in outdoor scenarios with poor Wi-Fi coverage without a gateway.
Commercial spaces
The Bluetooth SIG mesh solutions can be used for lighting at bars, restaurants, and other commercial places with multiple lighting nodes. They do not occupy many Wi-Fi resources (except that the gateway needs a Wi-Fi connection). The one-tap scenario switching meets different themed lighting needs.
Office lighting
Smart LED lights can be relayed and routed to one another, which supports up to eight hops. In an unobstructed indoor environment, the control radius can reach up to 240 meters, which is ideal for lighting in large office environments.
Solution Benefits
Multi-link connection
LAN links are prioritized with milliseconds response. In case of internet disconnection, device connection is ensured through local Bluetooth network.
Work without a gateway
Local control of a single light or a group of lights is available even without a gateway, making light control secure and reliable.
Local smart linkage
Without internet connection, as long as devices are connected to the gateway, local scenario linkages with electrical devices and sensors can be achieved.
Wide control range
Tuya's smart lighting solutions adopt the Bluetooth SIG's latest mesh networking technology to relay and route smart LED lights (up to eight hops), achieving an unobstructed indoor control radius of up to 240 meters.